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Running Red deer calf

Dwelling on Deer: Culls and Control

There is no way around it, our small island is positively bursting with deer. So many in fact, that the issue of overpopulation and its subsequent implications are up there with the other great...

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Grey Wolf

To Cull A Wolf

Another year, another wolf cull. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have written an article documenting an impending wolf cull in one country or another, and if the past predictability of...

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Badgers Face Yet More Onslaught

  The failing badger culls are to be extended to Devon, Cornwall and Herefordshire.   I do not consider myself an animal rightist nor do I consider myself a human rightist, instead I...

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Sea gull

The Gull Cull

Herring Gull. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post As a Cornish resident, I have been accosted by seagulls on more than one occasion. The most notable time was walking down a popular Cornish high street,...

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young stoat in summer coat

Stoats threaten rare birds on Orkney

A report from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)  has outlined some improved measures for Orkney to use in tackling its current stoat invasion. The stoat is a non-native mammal on the Orkney Islands and...

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