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Tear-stained berries marking the end of summer.

Summer Past

Snails clung to the slippery stems of the plant. Leaves were stained and dripped with the tears of the clouds and I trundled past in my wellington boots, out for a morose walk...

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Red Admiral

The Red Admiral butterfly is perhaps one of the best known species, even if people haven’t seen the species, most will recognise the name. The species also follows on nicely from our last...

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Small Tortoiseshell

For the first half of 2015 I will be focusing on some of Ireland’s butterfly species, there are over 30 species of butterfly found in Ireland, some which carry out their full life...

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The Big Butterfly Count

The UK’s 4th annual Big Butterfly Count has been underway for almost a week now but its not too late to get involved. The Big Butterfly Count, run by Butterfly Conservation, started in...

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