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Should We Always Share New Conservation Discoveries?

Wildlife Conservation can be an inherently downbeat field, dogged by constant and sometimes apparently unbeatable threats such as climate change, overpopulation and corruption. Whilst vast numbers of species are threatened by extinction and...

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Seaworld: The Uncomfortable Truth

Seaworld: a name now synonymous with cruelty. Regardless of your views on the keeping of captive orcas you will have been hard pressed to avoid any of the negative press the organisation has...

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Orca in British waters

RT @drmtbishop: 2 Killer Whales from the Gills Bay Orkney ferry on Sat. Only managed 1 photo in the excitement! pic.twitter.com/ljkMyINNEW — Wildlife Sightings (@wildlife_uk) August 6, 2014 One of our contributors, Dr...

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