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Photograph Showing Sniffer Bees being Trained (Courtesy of Rothamsted Research Ltd)

Sniffer Bees

The concept Since the 1990’s, researchers have explored the viability of training bees and wasps to detect – and indicate the presence of – particular ‘target’ odours. Though there are numerous potential applications...

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So, what are Bee-flies all about?

A few days ago I went for a very nice walk around a nearby reservoir in what was unseasonably very warm sunshine. The warmth and light had predictably brought all the insects out...

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The UK’s Pollination Crisis…

It’s strange to think that a creature of approximately 18mm long can impact our lives so much; that it’s production contributes £400 million to the UK economy annually, whilst providing us with almost...

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Cuckoo Bumblebees

*Originally posted in May 2015 on www.thereremouse.com One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Cuckoos, by the way, don’t have one.  A nest, that is.  They lay their...

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