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Avoiding Competition: An Animal’s Guide

Whilst competition between animals can occur, whether between individuals of the same species or different, where possible competition is avoided. This is due to the energy expenditure and often risk of death associated...

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The Value of Living Roofs

The Value of Living Roofs

Green roofs are covered in living vegetation, built on top of a growing medium, as well as a waterproof layer. Living roofs are often made particularly for wildlife. They are valued for their...

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Bat Week: Indicator Species

As you may know, this is Bat Week where people aim to raise awareness of all things bat. I’m going to contribute by writing an article that was suggested by Louise (click her...

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We’re Jammin’

For a long time, it has been known that microbats use echolocation, or sonar, to determine where objects are, to help them navigate and hunt. Echolocation involves transmitting a high pitched call and then...

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