Summer Past

Clinging Snails

Clinging Snails

Snails clung to the slippery stems of the plant. Leaves were stained and dripped with the tears of the clouds and I trundled past in my wellington boots, out for a morose walk in the rain marking the end of the season.

Now that it is officially the end of summer, I decided it was high time to reminisce all the days that were. The exploration of garden colours, the hunt for grasshoppers and the Fells of the Lake District (which may need a story of their own!)

The middle of July comes around (albeit slower than I would have liked) and school is finally over for the summer. The first few days are spent lounging around; a well-deserved rest after the brainpower being used up over the last term. Then, it is time to start exploring.

Wood Speckled Butterfly

Wood Speckled Butterfly

Purple hues cover the petals of the plants at the bottom of the garden and a monochrome dog rolls around in the grass. A blanket (Winnie the Pooh, of course) is laid out on the ground, with a reading book and bottle of water on the top two corners. I sit cross-legged with sunglasses perched on my nose, soaking up the rays before they disappear for what will probably be another 365 days. Atop of the flowers edging the garden fly some vivacious butterflies, circling down and landing on the pollen. All the while, I take out my phone and creep towards the happy scene in order to shoot the photo seen above of the Meadow Brown butterfly.

Grasshopper in the undergrowth

Grasshopper in the undergrowth

Later the very same day, in almost scorching heat, I ventured out into the dusty plains of the farmer’s field and was immediately submerged into the sounds of the grasshoppers in the undergrowth. As can be seen from the picture above, I managed to photograph one of the infamous hoppers; after about an hour searching for one which was not to be scared off by the iPhone moving towards it. The luminous green leaves contrasted to the beige body of the creature, which embraced the leaf and sat waiting for me to leave. Unfortunately, my grasshopper sprung away shortly after this photo was taken.

The view from atop of Arthur's Seat - Penrith

The view from atop of Arthur’s Seat – Penrith

A week later, and up in Cumbria, the fells call out to be conquered by the walking boots concealing my feet. Covering fells such as the famous Scafell Pike, and Helvellyn (minus the more dangerous route of Striding Edge) it was a holiday to remember. After the last 3 hours of grey, monotone motorways on the journey up, it was a breath of truly fresh air to see the fells. A haven landscape covered with the towering mounds emerged in the distance, all of which make up the Lake District National Park. The holiday finally begins!
The photograph above was taken from Penrith when we walked up Arthur’s seat. Vest tops and cut off walking shorts were the preferred clothing arrangement on this day (with good reason as it hit about 26 degrees Celsius). However, the sweltering heat had the benefit of emitting dazzling views from the top. Arthur’s seat may not be anywhere near the highest fell (at just 1652 feet) but it certainly had some unforgettable views to absorb when having a spot of well-deserved luncheon. After the descent, we arrived back at Pooley Bridge, eating at the local pub for some delicious burgers to re-energize us for the evening.

Nevertheless, those days have now passed and we must look forward to the fleeces and jeans which will keep us safe until the next time summer rolls around. For now, we can welcome autumn and look forward to the adventures it holds for nature-lovers, photographers, and ramblers alike.

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