Petition launched to maintain the protected status of the Raven

Today a friend of mine, Sophie Barrell, launched a petition aiming to force SNH to maintain the current legislation that protects the Common Raven (Corvus corax) from persecution in Scotland. Said petition (found below) has been launched in response to another aiming to have the Raven added to the general license in Scotland – a move that would allow farmers to “control” the species at their leisure. With a population of no more than 12,000 pairs, the Raven remains Britain’s rarest corvid and a iconic feature of our upland landscape. With the opposing petition gaining steam, it is going to take a mass of signatures to get the ball rolling on this one but together, I feel we can make a difference.. Please sign and share.

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James Common
James is a nature writer, conservationist, blogger and birder; holding an MSc in Wildlife Management and working previously in the fields of ecology and practical conservation. He maintains a popular natural history blog at, writes regularly for Northumberland Wildlife Trust and, as its managing director, runs New Nature - the youth nature magazine.

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