Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The Isle of Wight has become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are unique areas of environmental significance in which communities strive to work hand in hand, innovatively and responsibly to protect...

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Top Big Cats

Top 7 Big Cats of the World

Top Big Cats of the World Big Cats are the world’s most amazing and most wished wild cats among the wildlife lovers and wildlife photographers. Big Cats were common in the early 19th...

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Saving Yorkshire’s Turtle Doves

It’s the finest view in England, according to the author James Herriot. Sutton Bank is a breathtakingly dramatic escarpment in the North York Moors National Park, towering over the Vales of York and...

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Why Do I Need A Bat Survey

When it comes to getting a mitigation licence or planning permission, you will need to look into mitigation plans and survey reports. These are necessary for development projects. Surveys are needed to show...

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