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Why Birds Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses

Varying intensities of sunlight, how does this effect avain species and their response to climate change? Climate change is the biggest environmental threat facing our planet and the species which inhabit it. The...

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Stinkhorn, Stu's Images, Wikimedia Commons

Conservation Status of Fungi

In the UK we have anywhere between 12,000 and 20,000 species of Fungi – a number which includes yeasts and moulds, as well as more familiar mushrooms and toadstools. This wide ranging estimate...

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Top 10 Facts: Lords and Ladies

Unwelcome guests. In Theatrum Botanicum, published in 1629 by John Parkinson, the author lists two recipes for Wild Arum (otherwise known as Lords and Ladies), suggesting that small pieces of the root can...

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Yew tree

Top 10 Facts about the Yew

Historic significance. One of the oldest wooden artefacts ever discovered by modern humans was made from Yew – a spearhead found in Essex dated at approximately 450,000 years of age. This particular spearhead was...

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This Tide Of Plastic

This Tide Of Plastic

‘Our seas are changing!’ The life in our oceans, to the rivers we fish, to the food we eat have catastrophic consequences for all of us. As I ‘amble and scramble’ along the...

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