Glossy ibis

Glossy ibis is or used to feel a rarety in this country. My first experiance of one was 6 yrs ago or there abouts during a waxwing winter. Both to me were exotic and rare and worth spending hours in the snow tracking them down.

Glossy ibis is a dull yet stunning bird, dull as in it looks black maybe blue with a funny beak. Close up there like starlings or magpies the feathers glow and have so many colours in them that they are amazing to look at. They are also odd in there noises, kept me there for hours just listening to it. The beak is perfectly formed for it to probe in the mud and find its food.

One thing that struck me  was the gaggle id become part of who papped this poor bird from every angle.  I tried my best to stay in one place and lie down so id be less in its face bug most of these didnt care. The result of my pictures made it into the local press but only after I was sure it had gone.

So today I find myself ibis watching I have a mental map and im hoping it comes close again, I still love raretys. But is this a rarety when theres around ten max in the county at the moment. Will these birds lifes be disturbed by the rareity hunters those who look only for the rare. Or are these birds thinking of staying has our climate changed enough for them to stay and breed and will they be left in peace then.

Do we wildlife spotters need to think more when seeing a rarity that maybe we should step back and look. I remember that day telling dog walkers about this amazing and exotic bird. When thinking now a starling is amazing in its own way as is any wild animal especially British wildlife though I do still love a rarety….

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