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Why Are Badgers So Active In February?

Why Are Badgers So Active In February?

As the winter draws to a close, one of Britain’s most beloved animal starts emerging from their winter slumber. Badgers do no hibernate but may sleep for several days at a time and...

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The Isle of Wight’s Deer in the Modern Era 1

The Isle of Wight’s Deer in the Modern Era 1

Populations of wild deer on the Isle of Wight have fluctuated since their re-appearance there after the end of the last ice age, with an apparent decline at the end of the 18th...

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Local Conservation Groups

Joining local conservation groups For anyone who feels like the problems in conservation are too big, and the efforts too small, to ever make a difference, I advocate joining local conservation groups. They’re...

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Bat Surveying in Stages

Bat Surveying in Stages A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go out at night and help an consultant ecologist do a bat survey. I was excited, for obvious reasons: bats...

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Where Did All The Hedgehogs Go

Besides the ones made from milk chocolate curls and disguised as a cake, many UK residents can’t remember the last time they saw two hedgehogs. This decrease has become more noticeable in recent...

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