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UK mammals back from the brink

UK mammals back from the brink

Following on from last week’s article about UK birds this piece looks at mammals in the UK which were once extinct or close to it in many UK counties and are now making...

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UK birds back from the brink

UK birds back from the brink

Throughout centuries human interference has had a substantial effect on bird populations. Many species became extinct in the UK before important schemes were put in place to bring them back from the brink,...

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*Originally posted in February 2015 on So I’m reading ‘Red Mars’ by Kim Stanley Robinson. I’ve always been a huge fan of Science fiction (particularly Hard SF and Dystopian) and after recently discovering...

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Wildlife product reviews

Over the coming months we will be adding regular reviews on a variety of wildlife related products. These will include recording and observation equipment, wildlife housing and wildlife feed. We hope it will...

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