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Solar: Some Facts

Winter is heavily underway and the days are getting darker; feeling a need for mention of something less frosty and a hint of summer nostalgia, I turned my attention to the sun in...

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Big Data in Conservation

What do conservation, the Chinese black market, and sharks all have in common? Big data.   People don’t often put ‘conservation’ and ‘Big Data’ together as concepts – when you mention saving species,...

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How the first trees grew so tall

By Christopher M. Berry, Cardiff University Imagine a world without trees, and then try to think about the changes that would need to happen for these trees to evolve from the small primitive plants...

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Yusef Samari plants a tree at St Nicholas Field helped by Jonathan Dent, Merlot,and Sheri Myler.Pic : Nigel Holland

Local Conservation Groups

Joining local conservation groups For anyone who feels like the problems in conservation are too big, and the efforts too small, to ever make a difference, I advocate joining local conservation groups. They’re...

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