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Ronaldo’s Moth

I could never say that I was much of a fan of football. Kicking a “fly-away” as we called them, around the school playground is about the extent of my soccer experience. So...

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Unlike a Moth to a Flame.

Breaking news in the moth world! It has always been known that most Moths have an almost fatal underlying attraction to bright lights- ‘like a moth to a flame’. How ever studies into...

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New Moth found in Wales

Great news for Wales! An extremely rare moth has been discovered in Wales for the first time. The Butterfly Conservation have received two separate records of the Barred Tooth-striped moth ( Trichopteryx polucommata) at a woodland site...

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Vampire Moths

When the word vampirism is mentioned it conger’s up thoughts of Mosquitos, Bats, Mites or even The vampire finch of the Galapagos Islands, not many people think of a humble moth. Yes there...

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