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Male Broad-bodied Chaser. Photographer: Charles J Sharp

National Dragonfly Week 2017

Welcome to National Dragonfly Week 2017! This year it’s running from Saturday 15th July until Sunday 23rd July. There is a lot going on to celebrate these wonderful insects, including guided walks, identification...

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10 Recently Extinct African Animals

10 Recently Extinct African Animals

By Cristina Costea   Animals go extinct. While that’s sad, it’s just a fact of life. What’s tragic, though, is when man has a hand in their extinction.  You’ve probably heard of the thylacine,...

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Where Did All The Hedgehogs Go

Besides the ones made from milk chocolate curls and disguised as a cake, I bet many UK residents can’t remember the last time they saw two hedgehogs. It has become more noticeable in...

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More To The Heathland

The heathland is there for everybody. It is good for the soul. It is good for visitors, and,most importantly it is good for the wildlife that enrich it’s landscape. But there’s so much more...

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Why you should say no to plastic straws.

Globally, we produced 300 million tons of plastic a year, of that 10 % ends up in our oceans. The estimated ratio of plastic to plankton is 1:2 currently, and unless we change...

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Along the River Stour,Wimborne,Dorset. I watched this beauty hover and retreat back to the river before landing,in search of insects. It is the four spotted chaser. The common blue damselfly frequents this river...

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An Update On Global Coral

A 3 year period of coral killing waters seems to be subsiding, experts say. Corals, when talked about on a global and smaller scale, are both important and fragile; the unfortunate pairing of...

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The Homogenizing of Nature.

Homogenization means to make something ‘uniform or similar’, it is a concept with connotations of blandness and repetitiveness. It could easily be applied to Britain’s high-streets, which are increasingly becoming rows of identical...

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