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Spiny Starfish - Marthasterias glacialis

A Rising Star(fish)

Starfish are often overlooked as a marine organism. They are categorised as a common sight in rock pools and often pictured on the front of pocket shore ID guides where they slip into...

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Can nature blogging make a difference?

I have written before about the virtues of blogging from a personal perspective and the ample benefits it brings in terms of personal development, networking and general enjoyment. As such, it will come as no...

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Wildlife and Weather

Wildlife and Weather If you’ve been following the news, it’s likely you’ve heard about Hurricane Ophelia – the storm that’s set to sweep through the U.K. in the coming days. Climate change means more...

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Yusef Samari plants a tree at St Nicholas Field helped by Jonathan Dent, Merlot,and Sheri Myler.Pic : Nigel Holland

Local Conservation Groups

Joining local conservation groups For anyone who feels like the problems in conservation are too big, and the efforts too small, to ever make a difference, I advocate joining local conservation groups. They’re...

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Bat Surveying in Stages

Bat Surveying in Stages A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go out at night and help an consultant ecologist do a bat survey. I was excited, for obvious reasons: bats...

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