Author: Louis Shoultz

Yellow shoulder in the morning

Dawn in the Forests of Bonaire

Just before light chases them away, geckos chirp their farewells from tree to tree and branch to branch.  As the blackness of night dissolves in to the brightness of day, the first bird...

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Badgers Face Yet More Onslaught

  The failing badger culls are to be extended to Devon, Cornwall and Herefordshire.   I do not consider myself an animal rightist nor do I consider myself a human rightist, instead I...

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Fighting Their Corner: Save the Seagull

Perhaps one of the most overlooked and neglected iconic species of the British Isles, is the Herring gull (Larus argentatus).  They provide the soundtrack to the seaside and are featured soaring in the...

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Awesome spermy

REDUCE SPEED: Whales Ahead!

Since man first set sail at sea, tales of oceanic giants have been passed from generation to generation.  The legend of the great Sperm whale Moby Dick is an infamous story that everyone...

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