Author: Rachel Davies

Christian Rosenbaum

A Quick Guide to- the Goldenrod Crab Spider

The goldenrod crab spider, also known as the flower crab spider, Misumena vatia, captured my attention when I learnt of its colour changing ability. Such an unusual trait for a British spider, I...

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wikimedia food waste

Great news in the War on Waste!

2015 saw a huge development in the war on waste. All over the world people were coming together to combat a sickening reality- so many countries waste an astonishing amount of food every...

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wikimedia recycle

Great News in Plastics!

In recent years plastics have been in the news consistently due to the damage they are causing to our environments worldwide.  Plastics are a problem as they don’t decompose easily, with estimates stating ...

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wikimedia white faced darter

A dragonfly a day- white faced darter

Originally published 10/07/2015. The white-faced darter, Leucorrhinia dubia, is the dragonfly that sparked my interest in this fascinating group of insects and so it seems only fitting to finish ‘A Dragonfly A Day’...

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wikimedia blue tailed

A dragonfly a day- blue tailed damselfly

Originally published 09/07/2015. The blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura elegans, is another species that is fairly easy to identify, making it another good damselfly for beginners. The females of this species have several colour forms,...

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wikimedia 4spot chaser

A dragonfly a day- four spotted chaser

Originally published 08/07/2015. The four-spotted chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata, is a magnificent dragonfly to watch! They live up to their name by often chasing away intruders from their territories and will often stop to...

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large red damselfly

A dragonfly a day- large red damselfly

Originally published 07/07/2015. The large red damselfly, Pyrrhosoma nymphula, is very common and widespread in the UK and is therefore a very common damselfly to be spotted. It also emerges earliest in the...

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wikimedia black tailed skimmer

A dragonfly a day- black tailed skimmer

Originally published 06/07/2015. The black tailed skimmer is a beautiful dragonfly and one that I chose as the males display pruinescence perfectly. Pruinescence is an additional joy to odonata watching, a waxy secretion...

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wikimedia emperor

A dragonfly a day- emperor dragonfly

Originally published 05/07/2015. Today’s dragonfly has been chosen as it is the largest species of dragonfly we have here in the UK. The Emperor dragonfly, Anax imperator, can reach up to 84mm in...

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wikimedia banded dem

A dragonfly a day- banded demoiselle

Originally published 04/07/2015. To kick start National Dragonfly Week I thought I would start ‘A Dragonfly A Day’ with a species that is by far one of my favorites. The Banded Demoiselle, a...

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