Author: Ben Wright

Carolina Wren nest

Nesting Birds need our help

On the sweetbrier bush, just under the eaves, See, Robin has built his nest; And where is the child with hand so rude As Robin’s home to molest? Robin Redbreast by Eliza Allen...

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The Bane of the Scottish Summertime

I actually wrote a version of this article a good few years ago, but though it would be welcomed on, as the time of year for these tiny terrors to emerge is...

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Alien Big Cat’s – Tracks and Signs

“Everyone is quick the blame the alien”  – Aeschylus Alien Big Cats or ABC’s (Alien meaning of course, non-native to the county, not non-native to the planet) are a phenomenon of many countries. In...

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What causes whales to beach?

“Toward dawn we shared with you your hour of desolation, the huge lingering passion of your unearthly outcry.” – from ‘The Wellfleet Whale’ by Stanley Kunitz   As you may well be aware,...

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Little auk (Alle alle) stretching wings on rock, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway, June 2009

Little Auks in big trouble

On the 6th of January, hundreds of Little Auk (Alle alle) were found in various states of health all over Scotland, many dead. From Orkney to Fife, and even the Hebrides (a friend...

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