Author: Natalja Smirnova

Scientists Measure Strength of Frog Tongue

Scientists measured how much the sticky tongue of horned frogs attracts prey. The researchers from Germany and America discovered that some individuals can raise their own tongue to three times heavier than their...

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Emperor Penguin Colony In Danger?

Results of research of scientists from Minnesota showed that emperor penguins do not always return to the places they were born. This means that global warming is not a serious threat to their...

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Monkeys and fashion

by Natalja SmirnovaThe article of Dutch scientists from the Institute of psycholinguistics of the Max Planck Society, published in the journal ”Animal Cognition” stated that biologists have found that chimpanzees can make improvised...

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Cruel Truth About Cats

Many love cats, but not everyone knows how strong instincts govern them. These instincts seem cruel at first glance, but they are aimed at the survival of the strongest. Last week my friend...

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Polar Bears Can Now Be Seen From Space

Scientists have shown that polar bears are well discernible in satellite images. This means to monitor their population ecologists do not need to go to long and expensive expedition which mean wasting the...

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