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A stroll beneath the waves

I lay horizontal, floating like an object in space, weightless, observing incredible things that are passing me by. On the outset, it would seem that I am orbiting a far distant planet, to feel this lack of...

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To be so bald

A symbol that represents one of the most powerful nations in the world is again under threat. It has inspired millions for over 300 years. However, this symbol of its own leadership, its...

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To kill a mockingbird

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. ” This single quote from the famous book...

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Maybelieve its got shark in it

There is an ingredient hidden, lurking in products much like the animal it came from. An animal that hides in the shadows and attacking from below. However, this pattern is now much rarer. Sharks are dwindling in numbers across...

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Meathane Madness

I was hesitant whether I just wanted to discuss this particular subject, but after seeing a recent article on a prestigious scientific magazine (New scientist) I just had to act. They released an...

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The truth is in the biscuit

An element of many products has recently been under scrutiny, particularly found in chocolates and biscuits from a certain brand, Tunnocks. They aren’t the only brand in question; there are too many to name....

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A night with a Nightingale

Towards the end of the day a shy but very vocal bird comes out to play a remarkable gift. Its song echoes around the woods and shrubbery, competing with any melodic tones of the...

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Is bad news good news for conservation?

If you’re reading this article I imagine that you are either environmentally minded or have some interest in conservation; a very welcomed mind-set. However, there are obviously huge numbers of the population that...

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Plundering and Pillaging of Coral Reefs

A small fishing boat in the South China Sea is attempting to catch fish to sustain their families and provide food to the local community. However, it seems this simple task is more...

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