Author: Hannah Lawson

Research Highlights New Impacts of Microplastics

New research conducted by Oona Lönnstedt and Peter Etlöv highlight effects of microplastics on juvenile fish. Plastic and microplastic pollution within the natural environment is not a new phenomenon or a new research...

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The ‘Blue Gym’ makes us happier

The ‘Blue Gym’ is an initiative created in 2009 to explore 1. whether blue space (the sea and coastal environments) might have positive effects on health and well being, and 2. whether the...

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Scotland’s basking sharks

Tagged basking sharks off the Scottish coast have given scientists a greater understanding of these species behaviour in UK waters. Basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) are the world’s second largest fish species, which feed...

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Our unstoppable desire for fish

In a new paper, researchers from the University of British Columbia led by Professor Daniel Pauly, argue that the amount of fish we have taken from the world’s oceans has been underestimated by...

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Cardigan Bay SAC under attack

Cardigan Bay SAC under attack

Cardigan Bay or Bae Ceredigian Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in Wales stretches from Ceibwr Bay in Pembrokeshire to Aberarth in Ceredigion and streches almost 20 km out from the coast. It is...

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