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Eating bugs

Why is eating bugs good? Food security is among one of the most pressing concerns of our time. As our planet’s population increases, it is more and more important to find a sustainable...

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Big Data in Conservation

What do conservation, the Chinese black market, and sharks all have in common? Big data.   People don’t often put ‘conservation’ and ‘Big Data’ together as concepts – when you mention saving species,...

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By Brian Gratwicke - Flickr: Xenopus laevis, CC BY 2.0,

The Tell-Tale Toad: hero or villain?

The Toad Who Knew Fun fact: pregnancy tests didn’t always come in a neat package you could pick up from a local store. Back in the olden days (1930s), pregnancy tests generally comprised...

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Wildlife and Weather

Wildlife and Weather If you’ve been following the news, it’s likely you’ve heard about Hurricane Ophelia – the storm that’s set to sweep through the U.K. in the coming days. Climate change means more...

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Yusef Samari plants a tree at St Nicholas Field helped by Jonathan Dent, Merlot,and Sheri Myler.Pic : Nigel Holland

Local Conservation Groups

Joining local conservation groups For anyone who feels like the problems in conservation are too big, and the efforts too small, to ever make a difference, I advocate joining local conservation groups. They’re...

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Bat Surveying in Stages

Bat Surveying in Stages A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go out at night and help an consultant ecologist do a bat survey. I was excited, for obvious reasons: bats...

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