Author: Emilie Brignall

Grey Seal & Baby

Seal Spectacular

Winter is probably my favourite season, and not least because I was born in December! Not only does the season bring festive cheer, it’s also a time of great changes in the natural...

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My nemesis....

Cryptic Camera Trap Capture!

Earlier this year I bought my very own camera trap. I enjoyed using them during my degree and, even though I couldn’t see any real need for one other than pure curiosity, I...

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Rewilding Part 3: Out of Control

To me, rewilding as a topic has many supporters that are, shall we say, too passionate. I have close friends that are practically obsessed with the idea of rewilding Britain and can’t stand...

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Rewilding Part 2: Real-Wilding

In my previous article I covered the basics of rewilding. What it is, and why there are some problems in achieving it. This time, I’m going to talk about instances where passionate individuals...

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Eurasian Beaver - Harald Olsen

Rewilding Part 1: Defining a Target

Rewilding. A bit of a hot topic in conservation at the moment, with advocates such as George Monbiot pushing the practice into the public eye. Even this very website has had several rewilding...

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The Big Sleep of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

Autumn is a time of great change for our wildlife. Days get short, nights get long, leaves turn from green to orange and the cold sweeps through the country. For most, this means...

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