Author: Abi Gardner


Is it all good news for puffins?

After several bad summers, it is believed that the rather beautiful ‘clowns of the sea’ are finally in for a good breeding season. RT @Colin_cic: Pair of #Puffin on #FarneIslands my fav little...

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Jellyfish in Britain’s waters

As I walked among the statues of Blundellsands Beach, just north of Liverpool, I spotted a number of jellyfish stuck in the small pools of water. Jellyfish often go unthought-of unless seen through...

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The moth hunt is on – Moth Night 2014

Members of the public are being called on to report sightings of woodland moths up and down the country. During a 3 day event called Moth Night, organised by the charity Butterfly Conservation and partners,...

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Birds – UK’s smallest and largest

Mali’s recent spotting of the UK’s smallest bird, the goldcrest, got me thinking about the UK’s smallest and largest birds. Goldcrest The goldcrest, along with the firecrest, is the UK’s smallest bird with...

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Bees – Don’t buzz off

Over the last 25 years we have seen a global decline in bees, with a 50% reduction in the UK and USA alone. Not only are bees good for the garden but it...

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Not just the bees but now the birds

A number of articles and papers have been published explaining the harm that insecticides can bring to wildlife, especially bees. However, the battle between scientists and large pesticide companies is still ongoing with...

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