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Secrets of the spindle tree

In the autumn the spindle tree, Euonymus europaeus, is characterised by pink fruits, which look a little like a mini pumpkin, hanging down from the tree, with its remaining leaves having turned a...

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European robin – The songbird soloist

European robin – The songbird soloist

The European robin, Erithacus rubecula, was this year voted as Britain’s National Bird, no wonder with over 6.5 million breeding territories in the UK, its presence all year round and characteristic red breast...

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The spider in everyone’s garden

The garden cross spider, Araneus diadematus, is a common sight in our gardens and can be distinguished by a cross shape pattern located on its abdomen. This species is an orb web spider...

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The Queen’s Bird – The Mute Swan

The Queen’s Bird – The Mute Swan

The mute swan, Cygnus olor, is the UK’s well known resident swan species, with its white plumage, long neck, orange bill with characteristic black knob, and a wingspan of over 2 m making...

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A Summer of Jellyfish

A Summer of Jellyfish

Jellyfish are ancient creatures, having been around for more than 500 million years, with their body structure composing of around 90% water, and characteristically no brain or heart (Buglife, 2013). 2015 saw huge...

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