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 Each month the most popular writers on the site win a wildlife related prize courtesy of our fabulous sponsors at CJ Wildlife and, now, the time has come to once again announce the winners. With one prize going to the writer whose articles garnered the most attention from the WA reader base and another to the author of the most popular post over the past month. Below you will see a list of the top three writers in each category.

Most Popular Authors

First: Ben Wright (1703 views)

Second: Andy Painting (1600 views)

Third: Eleanor Daisy Upstill-Goddard (1256 views)

Most Popular Articles

First: Mink and Water Voles, by Scott Thomson

Second: Brexit, why remaining in the EU is vital for wildlife, by Ben Wright

Third: EU referendum – leaving the EU could benefit wildlife, by Susie Kearley

Congratulations Ben and Scott, some very well deserved prizes will find their way to you shortly.

Please remember, Wildlife Articles readers can get 10% off orders on the CJ Wildlife website by following this link.

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Wildlife Articles

Wildlife Articles

From this account we publish guest posts as well as the monthly writers competition results.

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  1. Only just saw this. Thank you very much guys!

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