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Nothing is certain in post-Brexit Britain, not least the protective legislation that safeguards our wildlife. The safety net provided by EU directives has been cast aside and now our countryside faces a new set of challenges. A period of woeful uncertainty which could see cherished places threatened, the laws that protect our wildlife weakened and already embattled species pushed further towards the brink. If politicians continue to sweep the environment aside in favour of profit and continue to ignore the concerned voices shouting for change, such uncertainty could prove catastrophic. Both for wildlife, and those who dedicated their time to both protecting and enjoying it.

In times like this, action is imperative. Action on both a national and localised scale, on behalf of each and every person who professes to care for nature. Now is the time to unify, to pool knowledge and resources and ensure that, through the uncertainty, wildlife emerges victorious. Now it is time for a WILDER Britain, one where the needs of nature do not play second fiddle and voices of those protecting it are heard, loud and clear. Only together, through our combined voices, can we ensure that the environment remains on the political agenda. Only together, can we ensure that wildlife receives the protection it so desperately requires. It will be an uphill battle for sure, but it can be done – through our own actions. This, we hope, is where Wilder will come in.

Wilder is a new grassroots activism organisation working to support wildlife conservation and safeguard protective legislation in the UK. A community born of necessity, of the concerns of the young people behind it and the need for unified action. Wilder is more than just a group of conservationists clamouring for change, it is a movement. A movement which, in time, may lead to sympathetic decisions, based in the realm of fact and aimed at protecting our wildlife. Though very much in its infancy, over the coming months, Wilder will aim to fulfil a number of objectives:

  • To promote and publicise just causes, on both a local and national scale – making the public aware of any decisions made to the detriment of our wildlife and, hopefully, encouraging positive action to reverse them.
  • To encourage, promote and facilitate the campaign efforts of those working to protect wildlife. Something we hope to achieve through a variety of means but not least by; encouraging dialogue with local MPs, by organising events/talks to raise political awareness and by emphasising the power of petitions.
  • To create a network of regional groups where local people can coordinate their efforts to combat localised issues.
  • To utilise the power of social media as a means of enacting change.
  • And, most importantly of all, to stress that each and every one of us, young and old, urban, rural or otherwise, has the potential to influence the decisions that impact our wildlife.

As I said above, as a group, Wilder is still very much in the process of finding its feet. Though, given the initial response, we are positive that over the weeks, months and, hopefully, years, to come. That we will be able to achieve our goals and, ultimately, ensure that wildlife remains on the political agenda. We will update the website with any developments in the future but if you wish to get involved at this initial, early stage. There are a number of things you can do:

  1. Join the Wilder group on Facebook – to have your say, share ideas, promote causes and generally, stay up to date with future developments.
  2. If you like what you see and feel motivated to take action. Join our Creativeand Policy groups, where you can get involved with the day to day running of Wilder.
  3. Follow us on Twitter – spread the word, retweet, and help us form the basis for future successes.
  4. Contribute blog posts to this website. Do you have a cause you wish to promote or an opinion you would like to voice? We would love to hear from you.
  5. Join the Wilder team! If you possess skills that could be of use to the group, we would be delighted to have you on board and doubtless be recruiting for more specific roles in the near future.


– James  (@CommonByNature)

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James Common
James is a nature writer, conservationist, blogger and birder; holding an MSc in Wildlife Management and working previously in the fields of ecology and practical conservation. He maintains a popular natural history blog at, writes regularly for Northumberland Wildlife Trust and, as its managing director, runs New Nature - the youth nature magazine.

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