Add a Two-Minute Video

If you have recently published a research paper, given a presentation or launched a campaign, or you simply wish to express an opinion or pay homage to a special place, why not record a short video for Wildlife Articles. These videos are designed to allow contributors to express their views or summarise important issues, in a concise, eye-catching manner, and are a great way to publicise your cause and engage with the general public. Over 70,000 of whom may be reached through our social media platforms alone. We will also post a link to any website or social media platforms below the video and are more than happy to accommodate a short blog to accompany any submissions. An example of one such video, from our sister site Science Videos, can be seen below:

Click here for a short summary example

Videos can be recording using a variety of devices including a camcorder, phone, tablet or webcam and can cover any topic, providing, of course, it relates to the natural world. Once you have recorded your clip please email it to, along with any relevant links/or any website or social media links.  We will then add it to our Youtube channel and website. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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