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What is the Fate of UK Red Squirrels?

I have never seen a red squirrel, though I imagine them to be very nimble. I’ve seen pictures however, where bright red coats and large tails remind me of what I am missing....

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Woodland Wallabies

Woodland Wallabies

Arguably even more mythical than woodland fairies, are woodland wallabies. Having been imported to the U.K. for over a century to act as a popular attraction for many wildlife parks and zoos across...

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Species Focus: Turtle Dove

Turtle doves, with their upper part feathers mottled chestnut and black, could be called a summer bird. Arriving in spring and leaving in late summer, the migratory Turtle doves’ purr is one of...

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Life changing moment with a sloth

Donna spent decades yearning for a sea-change, before an impetuous decision catapulted her into a tropical rainforest where she shared a jungle shack with ferocious ants and scorpions, joined a scientific expedition deep...

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